How to safely make the most of your invisible fence this summer

How to safely make the most of your invisible fence this summer

Although we had a relatively mild winter here in West Michigan, you’re ready to enjoy all the benefits of your invisible fencing system and allow your dog to get outside and soak up the best of the Spring and Summer weather. With Summer just around the corner, here are a few tips for making the most of your outdoor paradise for your pet!

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4 Signs Of A Quality Invisible Fencing Service

So, you’ve decided to outfit your property with an invisible fence to keep your pets from roaming past your property line. Now comes the more important decision — who are you going to work with?

Dog Training: Why is it important?

We know your dog is perfect the way he is — and it's hard to imagine improving him in any way! But the truth is, training puppies or adult dogs is such an important part of their wellbeing. Not to mention the fact that a trained dog makes your life easier as well! Training comes in many forms: At Hidden Boundaries, we offer free training for your pet to keep him safely confined within your hidden fence. Your family can work together to give your pet the essential foundations he needs to become a good canine citizen  And you a professional trainer can teach your dog anything from the fundamentals to complex tasks (depending on his willingness to learn!)

Indoor games are just as fun as outdoor sometimes!

Fun indoor activities for your dog

For dog owners in the winter, it can be exciting to watch your best friend romp and play and enjoy the snowy wonderland outside in the yard within your hidden fence. But often it’s too cold or blustery to have much fun outdoors, even if you and your dog are both bundled in a sweater and jacket. Not to mention, it gets dark early enough these days that safe playtime is limited to hours when you might be busy with work or school. What is a family with a canine bundle of energy to do? Here are a few fun activities for everyone to enjoy from the warmth of your living room during the winter and all year ‘round!

Winter is a great time to take your dog for a walk

Walkin' in a winter wonderland: Pet safety tips for cold weather

Now that you’ve pulled your scarves and gloves out of the closet and blown the dust off your snow boots, it’s a little easier to admit it: winter is here, if not officially, then definitely in spirit. For the next four months, you and your dog will need to make adjustments to your outdoor routine in order to stay active and healthy. Here are a few tips to keep the whole family safe when out walking this season.

Our hidden pet fencing is ideal for pets of all ages and sizes, from a shelter or not

Shelter pets: appreciated the first week of November and all year round

The first week of November is officially National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week. It's a time set aside to celebrate the very special people and organizations who take care of homeless or stray animals and the millions of animals who wind up in shelters each year. At Hidden Boundaries, we think animals from all sources make great pets and are happy to train animals from puppies and kittens to adults to use our time-tested, high-quality Pet Stop hidden fencing products

Grand Rapids pet fence in fall

Who needs summer? How to make the most of fall with your dog

For some dogs (and owners!) the cooler weather that accompanies the arrival of fall means long walks are a lot less of a chore. Football is on everyone’s mind and we’re recreating our favorite plays with our pets in the backyard. When we grab a pumpkin spice latte in the drive thru, we remember to pick up a puppuccino too. This time of year can be perfect for outdoor fun—it’s not too cool and not too warm. So before the cold of winter blows in, make the most of your Michigan autumn with these fun ideas!

Dog days: Ideas for fun in the summer sun

You've got your sunglasses on, sunscreen lathered on, and a sun hat on your head. Summer is in full swing and you're ready to soak it up. But don't forget your best friend when you're outside enjoying all the season has to offer! You've got a Pet Stop hidden pet fence around your yard and your dog is safe within its boundaries to run and play. Here are some tips for the best ways to enjoy the dog days of summer with the whole family!

Spring flowers can be toxic for pets

Springtime hazards: How to avoid harming pets with plants

After a long winter cooped up in our home, we humans and our pets are ready to get out and enjoy the outdoors again. Whether we’re lounging in our yards, going for long walks, frolicking at the dog park, or even bringing a bit of spring into our homes in the form of bright floral arrangements, we’re bound and determined to get the most out of this long-awaited season. 

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