Crate training is an essential foundational skill for your puppy.

Crate training: Set boundaries early with your new puppy

At Hidden Boundaries, we’ve seen so many families welcome new puppies into their homes over the past year! These wriggly bundles of joy have been a bright spot during a tough and uncertain year and we’re looking forward to watching these new friends adapt to their world.

There are many reasons dogs dig in their yard. Just because you have an safe underground fence, you still need to look out for bad habits!

How to keep your little digger from turning your yard upside down

Your dog loves the freedom of his underground fencing enclosure from Pet Stop® and the adventures he can have when he’s allowed to roam the yard without physical boundaries. Those adventures are always fun for him, but he can wreak havoc on your yard if you’ve got your back turned!

Healthy habits to break the winter blahs for your dog

When it’s cold outside, it is all too tempting to curl up on the couch and watch the snow fly from the warmth of your home. But eventually you’ll start to get a bit of cabin fever, and it’s a good bet you’re not the only one in your household. Just like us, dogs need activity and stimulation year-round, even when it’s not so easy to get outside. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of the outdoors through the next few months so your dog stays happy and healthy – and maybe even work off some of those extra holiday pounds!

Holiday pet hazards to avoid

It’s time to start getting into the holiday spirit! Many people spend the early days of December decorating their homes to match their festive moods, or to encourage them, especially after a year like the one we’ve all had in 2020. As we wrote about in our last blog, purchasing an indoor pet containment system such as the RoomWizard™ Indoor Transmitter is a simple way to keep your pets out of the way during parties or family gatherings, and to keep a curious cat or dog from toppling the Christmas tree. The RoomWizard uses the same technology as your underground dog or cat fence to keep your pet in or out of the boundaries you set.

Keep your cats and dogs away from the Christmas Tree this year with RoomWizard

Keep the holidays cheerful with indoor pet containment systems

As November nears and the air gets cooler, it’s time to start planning for the holidays. The joyful season revolves around family, and that includes our pets. Amid all the special meals and gatherings that take place during these busy months, it’s important to be able to keep pets safe and accounted for so they aren’t tempted by all the extra food or frightened by the unfamiliar faces. One reliable—and relatively simple—way to keep your pets safe is by using an indoor pet containment system.

Invisible fencing for cats is a great way to keep them contained while they explore

Keep your cat safe indoors and out with hidden fencing!

Most cat owners are well aware of the dangers that potentially face their pet in the great outdoors, from traffic to predatory animals. But when your cat is purring to be let out to explore the world around him, it’s not easy to resist opening the door to let him roam! The right answer might be an outdoor containment system. There are many to choose from, but the most effective answer for you may be underground fencing. Many cat owners are surprised to learn that the same electronic receivers dogs wear to keep them within a hidden fence can also be used just as effectively on cats!

Hidden fences keep water-loving dogs safe and happy

Yes, we can keep your canine swimmer from roaming!

Owners of lakefront property often ask us, “Is there a way that I can keep my water-loving dog from swimming too far out into the lake?” The answer, fortunately, is yes! Your Hidden Boundaries underground fence can also be installed underwater to contain your pet to a safe area so he can enjoy the lake and you don’t have to worry about him swimming in the path of watercraft or out of your sight. 

Fun in the summer sun can lead to ticks for outdoor pets

It’s fun to watch your dog frolic around outside in the summer sun, exploring and sniffing in the long grass and chasing critters through the woods. But here in the midwest, every companion of an outdoors-loving animal knows summertime fun means ticks―and for the last few years especially, lots of ticks! The Great Lakes region has seen an influx of ticks in recent years for a variety of reasons, with 2020 projected to be an especially bad season. A tick can be more than an annoying pest you have to dig out of your pet’s skin; some of the common ticks found in our area are vectors for serious illnesses for humans and pets. Here are some simple tips for keeping your tick problem at a minimum!

Summertime tips for happy pets

Summer is officially here in West Michigan, meaning the warm days we’ve been experiencing lately are here to stay for a while. After spending the winter months cooped up, we’re ready to get outside with our families...and our pets! Here are some tips for ensuring your dog or cat has the best summer ever!

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