Tucker, of Ada, enjoys playing hide n seek in the ground cover in his yard.  The GentleStep training has taught him where he can play safe in his yard.


Sydney, of Holland, is now enjoying the beach life with her freedom to run safely in her yard with her new electric underground pet fence


This is Tallaula of Rockford.  With her new Pet Stop underground fence is has become a Mole destroyer in her neighborhood.  She is on perimeter control duty at all times.  She wears the Ultra Elite receiver.  She is tiny yet mighty.

Tera - 1 Year old Labradoodle

Tera is a 1 year old labradoodle with the love to run.  She is using our new Edge to Edge receiver.  This allows her more room in her yard to play.  She can almost get to the perimeter line with this receiver.  Welcome to the Hidden Boundaries family.

Winston - Portuguese water dog

Winston is a Portuguese water dog.  She is very tired after her training and hard playing in the yard.  She is also being contained in the house with our RoomWizard.

Greta - Pomeranian

Welcome Greta of Kentwood to our Hidden Boundaries family.  She might be a tiny Pomeranian but she is not short of mighty.  She wears the smallest receiver for an underground fencing - the EcoLlite.  It weighs.9 ounces and it's re-chargeable.  It was fun watching her chase the wild turkey off her property.

Santino - Bernese Mountain Dog

Welcome to Santino, a Bernese Mountain Dog, to his underground pet fence.  He is a big boy but very gentle.  Even though he is big does not mean he needs big shock.  With our re-chargeable receiver and GentleStep training you would be amazed how little correction he needs to keep him safe in his yard.


Glad to have Oscar as part of our electronic underground dog fence family.    His older sister has helped him feel comfortable in his new play space.


Henry of Spring Lake is glad to have his underground pet fence by Hidden Boundaries.

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